One of the things life has made clear to me is the interrelatedness of creativity and spirituality. I hope the photographs and writings on Mildly Mystical encourage others to experience their own stirrings of the sacred and to find ways of expressing that holy movement in their lives.

I serve in two basic capacities—as a mentor to others in their spiritual lives and in their creative lives.

As a spiritual mentor I am in private practice as a spiritual director, having recently completed a two-year training program in spiritual direction at the Haden Institute. Spiritual direction is about helping another person become more aware of the presence of the inner light, and more attuned to how the Spirit is at work in his or her life. In times of transition or spiritual restlessness, spiritual direction can help the directee be more in touch with his or her higher wisdom, and to discern the gentle urgings of the Divine.

Another aspect of my spiritual mentoring is working with dreams as a dream group leader. I lead small groups in learning about the symbolic language of dreams and exploring the dreams of group members. I’m currently working as a part of team to lead a new dream group in Lexington at The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd.

In regard to creative life, I am a writer and I serve as a mentor in the Carnegie Center Author Academy. I also teach classes in creativity and creative writing.

These two realms of creativity and spirituality intersect in many ways. For example, in classes I offer on fostering creativity, participants experience a stronger connection with their creative energy by bringing a deeper spiritual awareness to everyday experience.

In addition to my certification in spiritual direction, I hold master’s degrees in theological studies (MA) from Lexington Theological Seminary, and creative writing (MFA) from Spalding University. Rearing two children, now young adults, has been an education as well.

I have taught courses in World Religions and Women of the Bible at Midway College, and currently teach creative writing at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning.

I value the wisdom of the Christian tradition, which can be deeply life-giving despite its misuse by those in pursuit of personal and political power. I also respect the wisdom of other faith traditions. I understand the frustration of those who have given up on the institutional church, but I choose to remain there, helping to open windows to the fresh breeze of the Spirit.


If you’re interested in my writing, here are a few links to articles that are currently available online:

A poem published in Alive Now that someone picked up and reprinted in a church newsletter. It’s a PDF, just scroll down to page 2:

“A Prayer for Advent”

An article about the process of creating and publishing a recent anthology titled When the Bough Breaks, published in the online journal, Public-Republic:

“Collective Effort: The Making of an Anthology”

I’m also a founding member of The KaBooM Writing Collective, and contribute to The KaBooM Writers Notebook blog.

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