Spiritual Direction is about finding connection to the source of life through our personal experience. Exploring this terrain is easier with the support of a companion familiar with the journey. A spiritual director helps us recognize and claim our individual relationship to the mysterious source of life whether we call it God, the Divine, Wisdom, Spirit, the Higher Self, or something else. In Spiritual Direction we gently move aside the debris that obscures this essential connection, making space for its transformative power.

Each of us has an individual spiritual path to walk. We have different kinds of work to do in the world, but our particular spiritual condition shapes what we can contribute. Clarity about our own lives and a stronger connection with our inner wisdom allows us to be present to ourselves and others in a more loving and helpful way.

Times of transition, periods of desolation, facing a difficult decision, or experiencing a sense of inner restlessness are all invitations to seek spiritual direction. These challenges bring up questions about what we value and where we find meaning and hope. Our struggles and questions bring us face-to-face with the essential mystery of our own nature. The compassionate presence of a spiritual director helps in navigating these unknown territories.

Spiritual Direction helps strengthen the personal spiritual life of an individual, whether or not they participate in organized religion. I understand the value of church life as well as its limitations. Some of my directees are deeply involved in their churches, while others have left the church for various reasons.

Part of what I’m able to offer in my practice as a Spiritual Director is a deep sense of calm and a quiet, compassionate presence. I create a safe space for looking at any issue that may arise, where any topic is welcome and conversation is held in confidence.

The various tools I bring to my work include:

Jungian perspective on the structure of the psyche. Spiritual growth results from becoming more aware of unconscious aspects of ourselves. Creative expression is one way of exploring the unconscious.

Dream work, which includes becoming familiar with the symbolic language of dreams. By exploring our unique dream symbols we integrate the wisdom of the unconscious, increase self-awareness, and become more attuned to our own inner wisdom.

The Enneagram, a spiritually rich system that defines nine universal types of human coping mechanisms. It helps us become more aware of the patterns that impede our growth.

In addition to working with individuals, I lead groups in exploring dreams, learning about the Enneagram, and experiencing the interconnection between spirituality and creativity. Spiritual Direction can happen in a small group where the members build a circle of trust, or in one-on-one sessions.

For more information contact me at susan@mildlymystical.com

Susan Christerson Brown, Certified Spiritual Director